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Difficulty settings

Attention! Enabling anything from the below list will exclude you from any rankings and "The League". ("The League" is a daily-based competition where airlines compete against each other in five weight categories.) You can change this anytime, but rejoining The League will need an account reset.

By default, you start with $100 in your bank account. Enabling this will give you $1,000,000.

In a normal mode, the aircraft is destroyed and removed from your fleet when you crash it. All jobs that were on board are cancelled too. (And you pay a money penalty for not completing jobs.) This option disables this, and you can repeat the flight.

This will give you higher money rewards for jobs.

A random failure can appear after a flight depending on the aircraft condition. This disables this feature.

Normally, when you use simulation time compression, you will be locked for the time that the flight would take without it.

A new (free and instant) public transport option will be available. You can combine it with the above (time compression) feature to get an instant airport-to-airport transport.

Use this if you use the Xbox version of the MSFS and cannot use our Windows client. If this is enabled, you cannot have more than one aircraft in your fleet.