Aviatife - Your Sky, Your Story

Embark on the ultimate virtual piloting adventure with Aviatife, the free career mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will take you to new heights! With endless possibilities, you can become an aviation entrepreneur and craft your very own destiny among the clouds. So why wait? Get ready to redefine your flight simulation experience and soar into the boundless skies with Aviatife!

A variety of jobs

Immerse yourself in a world of diverse job offerings, including cargo logistics, passenger transport, air ambulance operations, exclusive VIP transport, and even specialized roles in the black market and supply sector.

Run your company

Build your own corporation, manufacture goods, and thrive by selling them in airport shops. Engage in Player-to-Player trading to expand your influence and prosper in the skies!

Stock and 3rd party aircraft

There's a great selection of planes to choose from, including ones made by other developers. And if there's a specific aircraft you're looking for that isn't already in the game, you can easily add it yourself.

AI-powered features

You have the ability to communicate with both your co-pilots and passengers in real-time. Each individual possesses their own unique personality, therefore every conversation will be distinct.

Virtual airlines

Have you considered forming or joining a virtual airline with other pilots? Working together towards the success of the airline can be a rewarding experience and lead to greater achievements.

The League

It's a monthly leaderboard where airlines can compete against each other across five different aircraft categories. By earning points, you can work towards becoming the leading airline of the month. It's a great way to stay engaged and motivated in the industry.

... it's free!

Prepare for an exhilarating experience without any cost! Our sky-bound excursion is completely free and without any disruptions. Additionally, we offer a premium alternative, but it won't interfere with your main flight itinerary. Let's take to the skies with the freedom of flight without the burden of expenses!

Join the Aviatife adventure! Embark on your epic aviation quest

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